Simon Warne


I currently have two original television series in development with Triality Productions:  Young Lords and The Concierges

DOCTORS (BBC Television)

An Unexpected Arrival      Featuring: Elisabeth Dermot Walsh, Jo Stone-Fewings, Polly Maberly and Emily Head. Producer: Phil Hunter      Script Editor: Lyn Washbrook

Dolly Mixtures         Featuring: Selina Chilton, Deddie Davies, Helen Cotterill and Katherine Rogers.               Producer: Fiona Pandelus       Script Editor: Lyn Washbrook

Managing Expectations         Featuring: Stephen Boxer, Harvey Virdi, Sakuntala Ramanee and Medhavi Patel       Producer: Jonathan Philips     Script Editor: Lyn Washbrook

In The Driving Seat          Featuring:  Adrian Lewis Morgan, Jimmy Akingbola and David Webber                      Producer: Erika Hossington     Script Editor:  Lyn Humphreys

Relative Stress        Featuring:  Corrine Wicks, Amanda Walker, Jacqueline King and Kit Jackson                   Producer: Carol Harding       Script Editor:  Lyn Humphreys


Temperatures Rising (45 min Afternoon Play)     Featuring:  Susan Tully, Marcia Warren, Stephen Beresford, Ben Crowe and Liza Sadovy      Producer:  Peter Kavanagh

Arrested Development (4 x 30 min Comedy Series)      Featuring:  Letitia Dean, Susannah Doyle, Phil Cornwell, Julian Rhind Tutt and Maggie McCarthy     Producer:  Tracey Neale